In the world of junior ice hockey, style meets skill, and our Under 10s are all set to dazzle both on and off the ice. Introducing our brand-new training jerseys, generously sponsored by Mayne Services!

A Splash of Color:
The vibrant hues of our jerseys symbolize the energy and enthusiasm radiating from our budding players. Whether they’re perfecting their strides or scoring goals in practice, these jerseys add a touch of flair to their hockey journey.

Mayne Services: Our Valued Partner:
A massive shout-out to Mayne Services for their unwavering support. Their commitment to fostering young talent in our community is evident in the quality and design of these jerseys. It’s not just a sponsorship; it’s a partnership that enriches the experience for our young athletes.

Comfort Meets Functionality:
Crafted with care, our training jerseys prioritize comfort and functionality. From quick turns to powerful shots, these jerseys are designed to move with the players, offering the freedom they need to hone their skills on the ice.

Building Team Spirit:
Sporting the same jersey fosters a sense of unity and belonging among our Under 10s. As they train together, these jerseys become a symbol of team spirit, encouraging collaboration and camaraderie among our young athletes.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Stars:
These jerseys are more than just sportswear; they represent the beginning of a promising journey. Our Under 10s, clad in Mayne-sponsored jerseys, are not just players; they’re tomorrow’s stars in the making. Each practice becomes a canvas where their dreams take shape.

Join the Journey:
As we witness our young talents flourish in their vibrant jerseys, we invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s cheer on our Under 10s as they embark on their ice hockey adventure!

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